Wanaka Show is an annual agriculture and pastoral show in New Zealand which we recently attended.

It is an exhibition of farm material, local food, and animal fun games. Pet animals participate in various competitions such as hurdle race, dogs and pet shows, etc.

The two-day event is significant because it hosts more than 35,000 people in a city having a population of just around 6,000.

Points of importance:

  • the way this event is designed and marketed
  • brings together resources for the benefit of multiple stakeholders in the agriculture sector
  • the fun-filled environment making it a family outing
  • Children also get to learn farm practices.

With the the role of agriculture in our economy and huge number of animals and farmers India has, such a show is a worthy experiment. It will be a Mela of sorts: a modern, sellable version of similar existing rural events.

See more about Wanaka show at www.wanakashow.co.nz/