In Happiness Express, Khurshed and Dinesh share the secrets behind their contagious smiles. It is a treat to your mind, body and soul. The simple and effective book suggest small and practical changes for everyday wellbeing.

Few quick takes from the book:

a) Brain: We almost have an infinite capacity to learn and store information. by following small steps, we can process and remember a lot of knowledge.

b) Food: We are what we eat. When we eat, we are feeding all those trillions of bacteria that make up our microbiome.

c) Exercise: You actually live in your body, so, make it a five-star property and living in it will be such a joy. Exercise helps us regulate emotions, cognitive skills and is a key to a stronger, fitter, great-looking body.

d) Sleep: No sleep makes you dumb. Sleep allows the Cerebro Spinal Fluid to get deep inside and flush out the shit from the brain, giving us the clean brain.

f) Meditation: Meditation enhances our senses. It helps us get so much more from the present moment. It makes us more attentive and feels great about ourselves. It assists in learning, cognition, memory and emotional regulation.

g) Learning: Regular learning helps us move from one level of perfection to another. Ask four questions to yourself: What else can we do?; What can we do better?; What should we do continue doing?; What should we stop doing?

“The Brain’s memory capacity is around a quadrillion bytes. The same amount would be required to store everything on the internet today.”

After reading the book, I have left coffee and started mapping my ideas. The book has multiple personal anecdotes and scientific explanations of the tips helping us make Happiness a more integral part of your life than ever before.

About the author: The happiest teachers in Art Of Living are graduates from IIT. The right combination of Khurshed’ wit and wisdom and Dinesh’ humour and simplicity make learning more profound. More about them.

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