Photography – Ostrich

Ostriches are unique birds. One, because they cannot fly! But also, have some peculiar and amazing characteristics.

An ostrich can run as fast as 70 km/hr. That is faster than I usually get to drive on the city roads. And the bird can maintain this pace for up to 4 kms.

An ostrich eats stones. These stones grind the food after the bird swallows it. This is needed since it does not have any teeth.

Later, the remains of these stones are used for making the egg shell. An ostrich’s egg is so strong that I stood on it and it did not break.

One last very interesting fact: A female ostrich remembers the number of eggs she laid and would like to keep it that way. If somehow she finds that one egg is missing, she will lay another. If someone puts an extra egg, she will throw one away! They brood the eggs, all together, once they are satisfied with the number.

Also, it looks like she is very excited and happy in the photo. I don’t know if she can actually convey her emotions to humans.

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