Manifesto – A Card Game on Politics!

When you are obsessed, random things happen unintentionally.

Sahil mailed me the other day “Are you interested in developing Card Games based on governance?”. I replied, “Wow! That sounds interesting! I love games. I love cards and let us do it.” Immediately next moment he sent me the first draft of the game.

The idea came to Sahil and Shobhit Bhaiya (executive director at Vision India Foundation) in Shimla when their team left them for playing Monopoly. Their immediate thought was ‘If there can be a game on Business, then why not on Politics’. And thus, the journey started. Aman, Subham, Sahil and Shobhit Bhaiya brainstormed around it.

I joined the team during their next discussion and became a part of the creative history.

Manifesto took multiple shapes, went through various trials. Sanya and her team at Create Cluster did an amazing job of designing it.

What we see as a creative success now is a result of 24 by 7 thought on public affairs and nation-building. The game is about becoming a political party, contesting elections, winning constituencies, forming alliances and much more. It was not difficult to conceive but just an obsession with the idea of public policy and how it can enter people’s lives in a meaningful way.

The game is available on Amazon.