Sahil and I love traveling, also because our work demands so. Vision India Foundation keeps conducting various workshops all across the country and our family business gives us the opportunity to meet and engage with relevant people from around the world. Also, we stay with our family in Sonipat but our work base is in Delhi. Our experience of packing ranges from 1 day, 2 days, 12 days, 15 days and even 20 days. Clearly, for past 6 months (we got married in February), we have been unpacking our bags only to pack it again.

This blog is the reflection of the importance of carrying light but very important items while traveling. So we have listed down some essential items:

  1. Extra pair of chappals for any emergency situation or for just walking around.
  2. Travel Umbrella
  3. Visiting Cards and always keep them handy
  4. Maa Ka Pyaar in form of food. I mean it. As per the duration of your trip, carry food items. I love carrying nutcrackers and some mathri. Sahil has a good meal if he eats good day biscuits with a cup of coffee. So always keep such items in your bag in a small Tupperware box.
  5. Maggie is VERY crucial food savior. Always keep it. Don’t forget Maggie masala to add some more spice to it.
  6. Chewing gums, toffee, and some hajmola.
  7. First Aid: (keep it in a pouch)
    1. Combiflam
    2. Swalin
    3. Band-Aid
    4. Blister tapes (you can never be sure of your fancy sandals or shoes)
    5. Nail cutter
    6. Pudin Hara
    7. Allegra
    8. Medicines as needed.
  8. Thin book or unread downloaded books on kindle
  9. If it interests you, keep the list of any exhibitions or plays being hosted during the time of your visit. It is interesting to note that every place has a lot of such areas which have not been explored by the tourists yet. So, talk to locals or explore websites like inspirock, Airbnb and take out some time to visit them.
  10. Sahil and I relish different cuisines. Till date, we have tried Cuban, Lebanese, Turkish, Italian, Mexican to name a few. Keep the list of interesting food joints around your stay area.
  11. Extra pairs of undergarments.
  12. Safety pins for any wardrobe malfunction.
  13. Detergent powder or liquid. There are  useful travel bottles in the market. Grab one set.
  14. Use these travel bottles to keep your toiletry as well – Moisturizer, creams etc.
  15. Check if towels are available. Carry Small Towel ONLY, if there are.
  16. Wet wipes.
  17. Hand Sanitizer.
  18. Diary and a pen.
  19. Phone chargers and power bank.
  20. Extra pair of glasses (if you wear one).

For any international trip in addition to above items, your travel baggage would include:

  1. Each person should carry a travel card with enough money and also some cash for urgent needs (currency of the country)
  2. Take travel insurance. There are multiple options. We usually go for Reliance General Insurance
  3. A scan of your visa – save it in your drive, phone, computer, and email it to your family members.
  4. Buy a matrix card from India. Don’t forget to carry Sim pin along with you. Ensure to get some data along with free minutes in your package.
  5. We mostly use public transport for local travel. Read about the metro and buses in advance. If you are sure of the trip, book all tickets beforehand. Get your hands on any travel card (just like the metro card) if that country provides.
  6. Travel Adapter.

Clothes generally depend on weather, choice, and duration of the trip. Just one small advice – keep it light and pack them in organizers.

This is our travel list. If we have missed out on anything important, do let us know.

Happy Journey. Keep Exploring.