Once in a while, you come across a film that triggers your thoughts, questions your beliefs and inspires you internally. Cowspiracy is one of them. It’s not just a documentary, it’s a movement.

The premise of this documentary is simple: humans have to change the way they eat if they want to make the world better. Cowspiracy explains how our food consumption habits are bleeding the planet. It talks about water, land, greenhouse gases and hunger. Human consumption of meat is a burden on earth.

Through interviews with different stakeholders in the food-environment industry, Cowspiracy shows that not many people want to talk about the subject. Environmentalists believe that transport, oil corporations, and coal mines are the factors for climate change. Well, they are, but livestock agriculture is a bigger factor. Concerned individuals should watch this documentary.

Solar energy, more efficient cars, tree-plantation etc. are all necessary and appreciated pursuits. But we have a choice right in front of us to save the planet – to give up meat. It won’t cost money, it won’t take time.

People look for reasons to go vegetarian, or to remain so. For some it is religion. For some environment. Some look for inspiration and some for fashion. But for those who do not choose to go vegetarian, there is just one reason – ignorance. The debate on eating meat or not is long settled. It is only that most people prefer ignorance.

The documentary is available on Netflix and Cowspiracy website.