Soumya and Sahil are social entrepreneurs working in education and governance. In this blog, they share their experiences and ideas. Their passion to work for the nation unites and energizes them.

Soumya graduated from Lady Sri Ram College in 2013. Sahil graduated from IIT Delhi 2014. Destiny connected them to each other in July 2016. They got engaged a few weeks after their first meeting and have been happily married since 2017.

They can be reached at and


  • Rashtram School of Public Leadership (Vision India Foundation): a nation-building initiative to prepare future leaders and bring systemic reforms
  • Rishihood University: a social-impact university in Delhi NCR
  • Gateway Education: a group of educational institutes in Delhi NCR focusing on affordable quality education
  • IGenPlus: a platform for teenagers to prepare them for life
  • Manifesto: a political card game which simulates Indian elections [out of stock]
  • Sagan Initiative: an impact fund created through the gifts received for our wedding [the fund has been granted and utilized]