When an IIT guy meets a girl from Lady Shri Ram College, they are supposed to talk sensible things. However, their first meeting was a mix of an interview and a date. In the second meeting, when Sahil vanished from the tea shop without paying the bill, Soumya decided not to marry him. But as destiny would have it, they got married in February 2017 in the most beautiful location of India – in front of Taj Mahal.

The ‘coolness’ of his parents is reflected in Sahil’s nature. Guided by a father who loves taking the leap of faith and Maa who is cheerful and strict, Sahil’s life has always been inspired by them. Soumya comes from Ghaziabad with multiple sets of guiding forces. Her brother, bhabhi, her sister and brother-in-law have inspired her as much as her parents.

Teased as Public Policy Couple, Sahil and Soumya work together on multiple initiatives.

They love traveling, reading and watching movies together. In this blog, they share their experiences and ideas. Their passion for work for the nation unites and energizes them.

They can be reached at soumya@visionindiafoundation.com and sahil@visionindiafoundation.com



  • Vision India Foundation: a nation-building initiative to prepare future leaders and bring systemic reforms
  • Rishihood University: a philanthropic world-class university in Delhi NCR with the objective of ‘education for impact’
  • Gateway Education: a group of educational institutes with a residential campus in Sonipat
  • Manifesto: a political card game which simulates Indian elections
  • Sagan Initiative: an impact fund created through the gifts received for our wedding
  • Indic Teen Fest: a platform for teenagers to gear up for the future