We recently took part in Young Thinker’s Meet, an annual congregation of young activists, scholars, entrepreneurs etc. to deliberate on issues of national importance.

In the concluding session of the 2018 edition of the program, Ram Madhav ji (BJP General Secretary and organizer of the meet), presented 6 simple traits of leadership. They are shared below:

  1. Passion – the energy and dedication to work for a cause
  2. Compassion – the oneness we experience with people so much so that we can feel their pain
  3. Vision – the ability to see long-term; clarity on the ‘why’ and ‘what’
  4. Patience – the goals are challenging and we need the perseverance to achieve them
  5. Positivity – seeing an opportunity to work positively in every situation
  6. Knowledge – a foundational base of knowledge and intellect to base our opinions and ideas